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Delta Laboratories serves marketers and distributors in the personal care industry, creating and producing everything from hair care to skin care in liquids, gels and powders.  If it goes into a bottle, jar or tube, we can formulate, fill and package it. Some of the products we manufacture include shampoos, conditioners, styling gels, pomades, hair sprays, hair and skin serums, body lotions and creams, body washes, body gels, facial cleansers, toners, masks, facial lotions and creams, fragrances and body sprays.  We specialize in products of high quality and value.  We have paraben free and sulfate free formulations.


If you have an idea that needs developing or a problem with an existing formula, our RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT  lab will develop a solution to your most exacting specifications.  R&D will provide samples to help you achieve the best possible formulation for your requirements.  Our QUALITY CONTROL lab maintains a quality system that ensures product integrity, consistency  and long term stability.  Our QC lab assures that our services meet or exceed your requirements as well as applicable industry standards.  Our graphic design department can help you achieve the look and feel for your packaging that will make it stand out from your competition.


Delta Laboratories can handle all of your manufacturing needs, from short runs to full-scale continuous runs.  We are big enough to handle large runs yet small enough to attend to every detail.  We can supply your bottles, caps and labels, then fill them to your exact specifications.

Delta Laboratories recently celebrated its 10th anniversary as a premier private label/contract manufacturer.  We are based  in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, a Chicago suburb conveniently located adjacent to O’Hare airport.

To get your project started, or just to obtain additional information, please contact Dennis Fath at 847-766-9920.