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I love Blago shampoo!

Just wanted to let you know I love this shampoo and conditioner. I have very dry, over highlighted hair, and it left it smooth and tangle free. I also love the smell.
Thank you so much for making a great product!

A Loyal Customer

Sue Stack
Citrus Heights, CA 95610

The product has been a pure joy. Everyone in my office is jealous
(seriously) that I have Blago hair care products - as silly as this sounds.
One question, I could have swore I requested the shampoo but received the
conditioner. Frankly, I was purchasing for novelty so it doesn't matter that
much - though it does smell bleepin' good.

Thanks for the product and the quick delivery. This product not only has
increased volume but has also enhanced my ability to make shady deals - I am
in your debt (but willing to negotiate how much...)


Eric Griffin

I just needed to say thank you for making this. I Love Blago, the guy, and the guy's hair, come on who doesn’t. I have been telling everyone and anyone whether they listen or not. I have a picture of him and his shampoo on my computer, he is my screen saver. I love it! The shampoo works great and I will continue to buy it. So please keep making it. I will continue to campaign for this product. I am a interior designer and have to always sell. Can I work for you in selling?


Lynn Murphy

Great product! Nice fragrance, and fast shipping.
Only two uses, and I'm already feeling scandalous!

-Geoffrey Juisto
Bucks County, PA

I tried Blago shampoo for the first time this morning.
Eeeyah! I look like Blagoyevich! But that's not bad. I like the effect.

Stephanie Tomiyasu
Yokohama, Japan

I've tried this shampoo only once, so far. All I can say is that it really works!!! I'm a
63 year old part time dj and I’m trying to hold onto every hair left on my head.
After shampooing one time with Blago, I had enough hair to cover my balding spot.
The only drawback is the price. With shipping added on, it's a little pricy.
However, I just ordered another bottle as of this posting. Go Blago!

Thomas Herman